Below is a list of topics from the talking points. When a point has been made we will put it in BLUE so you know that it has already been made and you can take another point.

No Growth

Affordability at the Median

Rent-Burden numbers don’t support the plan

Narrative over data

The August Map is an improvement, but not enough

The FLUM Envelope is so big it frightens people

Doublethink: density as a good and a cudgel

Doublethink: building equity through housing for minorities by then barring monetization

Promotion home ownership at a peak is insane

City’s dismal record at holding developers to affordability commitments

Fix the SUP process first

More emphasis on redevelopment of retail and commercial

No model of supply effect on prices

Evidence that upzoning works to lower prices is weak

No consideration of induced demand

What do we mean by affordability?

Another perspective on affordability

Student distortion

Lack of involvement of UVA

Environmental analysis is lacking

No analysis of developer intentions or economics

NO evidence that development is constrained by zoning

Price data contradicts Idea of Multifamily Restriction

Process was not truly inclusive